Amethyst Pendant  Necklace
237 Ct Amethyst Pendant and Amethyst Beaded Necklace, 15"-17"


237 Ct Amethyst Pendant and Amethyst Beaded Necklace, 15"-17"

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Check out this pre-loved gorgeous Amethyst double -strand necklace and 237 Ct Amethyst pendant!

The eye-catching amethyst crystals are considered the most powerful and protective of  stones and they are said to bring forward the purest aspirations of human kind.


  • Size 15" to 17" (adjustable) 
  • 100 Amethyst Beads
  • Sterling Silver clasp
  • 237 Ct Amethyst pendant in Sterling Silver
  • Gemologist Reviewed


Condition Notes: Excellent

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