Happy Birthday Leo!

Celebrate Your Birthstone: The Playful Peridot 

Those born under the LEO sign are recognized as being confident, fiercely protective and big-hearted.

  • Born: July 22 – Aug 22 
  • Zodiac Symbol: Lion 
  • Ruling Planet: Sun 
  • Ruling Element: Fire

DID YOU KNOW? 10 Peridot Fun Facts

  • Best known for its yellowish green color, peridot is the gem variety of the mineral olivine
  • Comprised of iron and magnesium, it is the presence of iron that gives the Peridot its colour. 
  • The gem often occurs in volcanic rocks called basalts.
  • Peridot is the national gem of Egypt, referred to in ancient times as “the gem of the sun”. 
  • Peridot is associated with harmony, health and restful sleep. 
  • Most of the peridot gems found today are mined, however some have found their way to Earth via meteorites.
  • Ranging from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, peridot is fairly tough and durable. 
  • While they can be similar to emeralds in colour, peridots are lighter and have an olive undertone. 
  • Unlike some other gems, peridot is not enhanced or heat-treated to improve its colour. 
  • In jewelry, peridot looks spectacular when set in either gold or silver, with the gold and green combination being particularly eye-catching.


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  • The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is a fan of peridot jewelry and is a key driver behind the resurgence of the popularity of peridot jewelry.  
  • The “Green Goddess” on display at the Field Museum’s Grainger Hall of Gems, is a 153-carat peridot set into a gold pendant in 2008 by jewelry expert Lester Lampert.
  • Elizabeth Taylor was the proud owner of an array of peridot pieces, including a set of ear pendants, a bangle, gold ring, and a pair of pearl, peridot and diamond drop earrings.