Consignment Terms & Conditions


  • Consignor: Owner and/or Legal representative of Property 
  • Consignee: Canary Consignment Inc./CANARY
  • Property: Jewelry item(s) that the Consignor submits to the Consignee 
  • Parties: Consignor and Consignee
  • General

    The Consignor grants the Consignee the right to sell Property on consignment according to the following Consignee Terms and Conditions:

    • Right to Sell: Consignor will make the Property available to CANARY on a consignment basis and agrees to appoint CANARY as Consignee in respect to accepted Property.
    • Delivery/Shipment of Property to CANARY: Consignor is responsible for all expenses and risk regarding shipping of Property to CANARY. To help ensure safe delivery, the Consignor shipping method must include a tracking number and please provide this to CANARY. Once Property is received, Property is insured* and safely stored under CANARY’s insurance policy. 
    • Final Property Acceptance (Representation): Upon receipt of the Property, CANARY will have the Property further evaluated by our certified gemologist to verify value, and authenticity. If Property is accepted, then the Consignor’s offer to enter in a consignment contract is also accepted, and Property will be listed on If Property is not accepted, then the Consignor’s offer to enter into a consignment contract is not accepted, and Property will be returned to the Consignor. 

    *For items with a resale value of over $5000, please note that CANARY requires an appraisal completed within 5-years by a certified gemologist before we’re able to accept it due to our storage insurance policy requirements.   

    Consignor Representation 

    • The Consignor hereby represents and warrants that they hold full title of the Property – or the written authority to give the Consignee authorization to – represent and sell the Property.
    • The Consignor further represents and warrants that the Property is (to the best of the Consignor’s knowledge) not stolen, the subject of any police investigation, or subject to a lien or other burden of title by a third party that would prevent the Property from being represented and sold by the Consignee.

    Consignment Period

    • The consignment period for Property shall commence on the date the Property is listed by CANARY and ends on the date that is 12-months from that date. At the conclusion date of the 12-month representation period, the Consignor may elect to have their Property returned per CANARY’s “Unsold Property” policy or elect to continue to have CANARY represent Property until successful point of sale. It is the responsibility of the Consignor to contact CANARY at the 12-month mark.

    Property Pricing 

    CANARY will make all commercially reasonable efforts to sell the Property at the highest price possible. Property (jewelry) prices will be set by CANARY based on the direction of a third-party certified gemologist and other required research /considerations depending on item type and relevant attributes. 

    • Pricing Guideline ranges reflect consideration of condition, stone quality, age of Property, appraisal value and market popularity:
      • High-demand designer Product will generally be posted between 60% – 80% of its original retail price. 
      • High-demand non-designer Product will generally be posted between 40% – 60% of its original retail value/appraisal.  
    • As it is CANARY’s utmost intention to successfully sell your Property, CANARY may run promotions, offer discounts, or otherwise adjust Property pricing during the consignment sales process. CANARY may also use Property in promotional and marketing materials (photo shoots or other media collateral). 

    Consignment Commission and Payment for Sold Property

    • Commission:  In the event of a sale of Property, CANARY will pay to the Consignor the following: 70% of the net selling price (excluding tax, packaging, and shipping).
    • Payment: Payments for sold Property will be issued to the Consignor, upon request, within 30-days following the sale. 

    Unsold Consigned Property 

    • In the event that any Property is not sold after the 12-month representation period, the Consignor may elect to have Property returned to them at a cost of a $99.00 administration cost per item to be borne by the Consignor. 
      • This fee covers a portion of CANARY’s costs to professionally photograph, post, insure, promote, and return-ship Property.

    Changes to Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions are subject to occasional revision. Any material revisions will be posted and updated on These changes will be considered effective immediately. 

    Dispute Resolution

    Any dispute arising from these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by taking the following successive steps: a) by service and contractual personnel for each of the Parties; b) by mediation; or c) by binding arbitration.

    Governing Law

    These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Alberta, Canada. The Parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Alberta with respect to the subject matter.