Canary is always on the lookout for quality pre-loved fine, fashion and designer jewelry!

Do you own jewelry that no longer brings you joy? Consign with CANARY to make room in your jewelry box for pieces that will! In the avian world, shedding the old to welcome the new is called moulting. At CANARY, we just call it spreading your wings...

Earn 70% of the Net Selling Price

CANARY offers a highly competitive
commission structure and is committed to getting you the best possible resale price.

What We’re Looking for

High-quality, fine, fashion, and designer pre-loved jewelry items. Our buyers are especially interested in newer and or timeless pieces with above average to high-grade precious or semi-precious gemstones and/or precious metals.

View CANARY’s helpful checklist to discover if your jewelry meets our consignment-ready standards.

How it Works

1) Jewelry Consideration

Please fill out the initial Jewelry Registration form so CANARY can complete a preliminary assessment of the jewelry you are looking to consign.

CANARY will assess your jewelry within two (2) business days and advise if we’re able to conditionally accept* / represent your item(s).

2) Register & Ship Your Jewelry

If item(s) are conditionally accepted, CANARY will send you an official Jewelry Intake form.

Once the intake form has been submitted, including acceptance of CANARY’s Consignment Terms & Conditions, CANARY will then send secure shipping instructions.

3) Final Jewelry Approval

Once your jewelry is received by CANARY, it will be reviewed by a certified gemologist to authenticate value, stones, metals, designer, wear condition, size, and appraisals. From there, we will confirm if item(s) are formally accepted and a competitive listing price based on current resale market demand/value will be determined.

This stage of the process can take up to 10 business days. 

4) Jewelry Added to Website

Upon final approval and confirmation, your item(s) will be professionally photographed and a comprehensive product description will be created for each item that details all attributes. 

It can take up to 7 business days for item(s) to be added to canaryjewelryaccessories.

Register Your Jewelry Today!

Please review consignment Terms & Conditions before registering.

Is this your first-time selling or consigning pre-loved jewelry?

Learn more about the resale jewelry market, including what your jewelry may be worth.

*CANARY Jewelry Accessories is not associated or affiliated with any of the designer brands listed on our website or featured on our social media. The items we promote are on consignment for resale purposes only. All copyrights are reserved for the original brand owners.