Register 4 or more Items

1. Products to be consigned require a gemologist review or appraisal process;

  • For large collections, CANARY recommends that you have a certified gemologist do a preliminary sort to only examine product with an expected resale value of $300+ per item or an appraisal value of $500+per item.

  • Items to be consigned and listed at $5,000+ must have a certified appraisal completed within the last five years.

  • Items to be consigned and listed between $300 -$4,999 can be reviewed by a certified gemologist to provide the following details:
  • Carat or stone weight
  • Metal type confirmation
  • Product measurements or size
  • Estimated resale value

2. Once the appraisal/review process is completed, contact us @ to arrange delivery of your collection with appraisals and reviews.

  • CANARY accepts all professional appraisals and reviews completed by certified gemologists.

  • If you live in Calgary, Alberta, IGL (International Gemological Laboratories) is our
    preferred partner. You can easily book an appointment with them by calling
    403.264.8526. Please click here for a copy of our IGL intake form.

3. Canary will provide listing prices and once Consignment Terms and Conditions are signed and returned, professional photography will be taken and product descriptions written before listing your jewelry on our site.