Pave diamond drop earrings in sterling silver
Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver with Pave Diamonds
Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver with Pave Diamonds

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Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver with Pave Diamonds

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These newly curated, spiral Diamond drop earrings are unquestionably a showstopper.

Featuring more than 7 Cts of dazzling Pave Diamonds, these earrings are both delicate and bold. If you can only ever own one set of earrings to suit multiple occasions, then look no further! 


Size: 90mm long x 14mm wide

7.72 Cts of Pave Diamonds

Sterling Silver


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Customer Testimonials

This is a wonderful and unique route to selling jewellery at a fair price that otherwise would've gone to a pawn shop!

Joánri D

"I was feeling gold is the new black, and I kept eyeing a pair of gold earrings on the CANARY site. I told myself they were too big…wrong for me…I’d never wear them….. But I took the plunge, and they are perfect! Feather light and simply GORGEOUS! I wear them all the time. Thanks CANARY!"

Andrea R

I love these pearls :)

Alison P

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